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Root Canal


A Quick Guide To Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a process through which our Dentists remove the now decayed blood vessels and nerves which were once supplying nourishment and life to the tooth. The tooth is cleaned from its Pulp Chamber to the tip of the root canals and is then sealed with special material. Once sealed, the tooth is then filled and a crown is then placed on the top of the tooth. The treatment time and the number of visits is determined by the severity of the infection. It takes about a single visit up to months while the patients go about their normal routinely life.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is root canal treatment a painful process?
ideally, the tooth to be treated is anesthetized and due to the numbness patients do not feel any pain. If the infection is very severe, then our dentists do not proceed and recommend antibiotics with pain killers until it subsides and they can then treat the tooth.

2. how long does the pain last after root canal treatment?

Usually after root canal, mild to moderate pain may exist due to instrumentations, for which our dentists do prescribe over the counter pain killers. The pain may last from a day to up to a week. If the pain becomes unbearable, contact us immediately.

3. why do I get a bad taste in my mouth after root canal treatment?

During your first visit, our dentists may place a medication inside of your tooth to give you pain relief and mummify any remnant of pulp. The medications placed inside may give a bad taste in your mouth for a couple of days.

4. why does my tooth still hurt after root canal treatment?

Although a root canal treatment has a 90% success rate, there might be chances that the treatment may fail. Some of the reasons are as follows:
a. Re-infection
b. Missed Canals
c. Remnants of infection or pulp left
d. fractured tooth
e. failing supporting structures of the tooth
f. Microleakage between the filling and the tooth

5. is it important to place a crown over the root canal treated tooth?
Yes! After the completion of the treatment the tooth is prone to break or wear off. A crown protects the tooth from breaking and seals the tooth, preventing chances of microleakage.

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