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Care N Cure Dental Clinic IslamabadCare N Cure Dental Clinic IslamabadCare N Cure Dental Clinic Islamabad

Dental Implants


A Quick Guide To Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an ideal replacement for missing, failed or broken teeth. These titanium fixtures, when placed in the jaw bones, mimic the tooth root, which it replaces. When given some time after placement, our jaw bones grow around the implant and integrate with it (osseointegration). Once it is all set, our dentists place its crown holding the part to which you can place any crown of your choice. It is more painless than any other dental treatment and has the most life in our mouths when fully integrated.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is the treatment painful?
    Unlike any other dental treatment, implants are placed in the bone where it is far away from any nerves,blood vessels, or important structures which is why this treatment has become one of the least painful treatment. Before and after implant placement, our dentists with indeed recommend over the counter pain killers.
  2. How does the process work?
    Initially the process begins with the first consultation, where our dentists decide if the patient is an ideal candidate for dental implants. Then we ask for some Dental X-rays and Diagnostic Tests. After everthing is clear our dentists place the implants into the bone. Our patients are guided to take good measures for oral hygiene maintenance and wait for the healing to take place (around 2 to 3 months). After three months, the abutment (Crown Portion) is placed and impressions are taken to fabricate the crowns.
  3. I still have failed teeth present, can the implant be placed immediately?
    indeed they can be! However, the rules of placing the implants immediately dictate that you should not have any infection or any lesion in the area to be placed. If there is such pathology, then the implant placement is delayed.
  4. What happens if the implant fails?
    like any dental treatment, chances of implant failures are also present. If an implant fails during treatment, our dentists remove it and guide our patients to wait for two months for the bone to heal again (they go about their normal routines), and after the two months are over, new implants are placed again.

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